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3rd Party Servicers

Licensed & insured.  Let them handle the headaches.  


We've worked with some of our investors for 20 years.

No pools or funds, so no fund managers to give the hard sell.  You make the decision with your money.

"Safety of a T-Bill with Double Digit Returns"

- D.Z., Investor from La Jolla

Charger Funding ​​is based in Encinitas, California.  We work to match borrowers with our private trust deed investors who are the lenders on the loans we broker.  Many of our deals come from licensed mortgage brokers.  We specialize in high-yield loans secured by first and second trust deeds on California residential and commercial real estate. 

We provide the following services: MarketingLender/Secondary SourcingProcessingAdministrationCreating and Review of Lender and Borrower DisclosuresLoan Doc Drawing and ReviewComplianceValuation ConsultPost ClosingSite VisitsRush Delivery of Documents


We spend most of our time turning down loan requests.  We only want our investors looking at quality loan opportunities.  Our 1st trust deeds average $200,000 to $400,000.  Though sometimes they go as low as $50,000 or as high as $2 million.  Generally, the rate of return is between 9% and 13% per year and the collateral is desirable California real estate.

it's your money

We don't do mortgage pools or funds.  You make the decision on each loan.  We strive to be honest and straight-forward with our investors and our borrowers.  We don't look to pressure an investor into making a loan.  We spend a lot of time killing deals before we find the ones that we will show to you.   We do research and due diligence to help you make good choices.  However the decision whether to lend always belongs to the you.

3rd Party Loan Servicers

Licensed & insured.  Let them handle the headaches.  

Investors can choose to handle their own loan servicing or let us arrange it.  We recommend professional third-party companies that we've worked with over the years.  They handle all the back office operations and maintain the trust accounts.  They are leaders in the private trust deed niche of the mortgage industry.  They help us give investors and borrowers a high level of service.  Together they  handle payment processing, borrower customer service inquiries, ACH payments to investors, can track for tax & insurance defaults, monitor loan status for refi's and loan extension requests when balloons are due, etc.  Investors and borrowers even get on-line access to their loans.  Together we give the investor piece of mind and keep you free to spend your time on what you value.  

Self-Directed IRAs

Some investors choose to use their self-directed IRA accounts as a vehicle to invest in trust deeds.  Again, we have a providers to recommend.  They are top custodian companies offering self-directed IRAs.  

More Info

If you are interested in obtaining more information or a list of available loan opportunities, please contact us today! 

Also, the California Bureau of Real Estate offers this booklet on Trust Deed Investment for free download:

 ​Your Money - Your Investment - Protect Yourself

None of this information is meant as tax or legal advice or as a securites offering.  Always contact professional tax, legal, and financial advisors about your individual situation.


It's your money


SAFE Trust Deeds